Summer Institute 2012

Boulder, CO August 13 – 17, 2012


What’s Compression?  A movement aiming to define the arts and sciences of doing better with less. We hope to create a world where quality of life improves globally to the standard of today’s industrial societies but uses less than half the virgin raw materials and half the energy as consumed in the year 2000, and with no known toxic releases.

Transforming organizations to meet overwhelming global challenges may be the biggest problem of the 21st century. It will happen, one way or another. How do you get ahead of this curve?

The business environment keeps becoming more complex. We have to deal with much more, much faster than ever before. In addition, almost all environmentally concerned people realize that transformation toward a more livable, sustainable planet is going too slowly. Nearly all the roadblocks are human. Very few of us, or the systems in which we live, have evolved to act on a long view of anything. One of the Compression Institute’s goals is to change that.

Program Objective: Participants will explore how future challenges, mostly unforeseen, can be overcome by building vigorous learning structures within organizations, making them more competitive in the near term and more sustainable in the long term. Organizations that effectively make this transformation are likely to become models of environmental and social responsibility, as well as highly competitive and highly satisfying workplaces.

Outcomes: We intend for you to emerge from the program with the skill and confidence to share the Compression message. Why transform? Understand the trends that have led us to believe that it is crucial. How to start? Learn how to plan and lead development of a Vigorous Learning Enterprise capable of major transformation. What’s the substance? Principles of leadership and systemic processes that superior performing organizations have used – but beyond mere techniques. Some participants may choose to become facilitators for community Vigorous Learning Groups.

Who should attend? Leaders and agents of change in communities, government organizations, and forward thinking businesses.

Coaches: The Executive Committee of the Compression Institute: Doc Hall, Jack Ward, Jason McVay, and David Veech.

Program.  We will alternate between periods of intense interaction and private reflection; between small group focused problem solving, and large group sharing of ideas and observations. Sessions include an overview of Compression as a movement (What is compression?), a discussion of the mission, vision, values, and objectives of the Compression Institute as a resource for transformation, an exploration of the case for transformation (Why do we need compression?); and overview of the components of a Vigorous Learning Enterprise; Interactive activities exploring the details of Compression Thinking and the Vigorous Learning Organization.