Expansion vs Compression Business Model

Dominant Values Financially Controlled Vigorous Organization
Concept of a company: financial assets people: a set of stakeholders
Primary context of work: financial economy physical world
Primary purpose: make money carry out a social mission
Primary stimulus: competition; “winning” collaboration; recognition
Primary mechanisms: self-interest; transactions mutual interest; relationships
Primary measurements: monetary nonmonetary: space, energy usage, learning rates, etc.
Primary objectives: profit; return on capital long-term survival and quality of life for all stakeholders
Primary beneficiaries: ownership all stakeholders; all humanity
Governance by: ownership board stakeholder board
Primary attention on: financial results; control of profitability human development; process integrity and improvement
Typical performance measures: growth in market share; asset size, profits quality of long-term outcomes for all stakeholders
 Concept of operations: optimize proift process-learning laboratory
 Organization structure: hierarchy and control systems flat hierarchy: self-operating, fluid self-adaption to change