Our Compression Community

The intent of the Compression Community is to stir more environmental action, and try to assure that it is effective. That is, stop adding to human consumption, help nature revitalize itself, and remediate one or more of a long list of environmental dangers without making any of the others worse.

That’s no small trick. It’s the reason for encouraging Compression Thinking.

Despite the lethargy of those who still think that unbridled expansion is necessary, so many environmental initiatives are active that one cannot possibly know of them all. That is as it should be. These initiatives should eventually displace how most of us live today.

The objective of the Compression Community and Compression Thinking is to grow the effectiveness of real, on the ground environmental action. No one guru, no government regulator can possibly prescribe exactly what you need to do, where you are. So if you are involved in environmental initiatives, or just want to be, join the Compression Community.

Explore our web pages to see what’s meant by Compression and Compression Thinking. We are trying to get our environmental heads screwed on straight. We can help each other do that.

We are virtual, not a co-located community, but are interested in helping you with local initiatives, or starting one. As a virtual community, our only activities will have to be electronic.

No fee. Our first teleconference will be at 11 am Eastern time on Saturday, Feb. 1. Other teleconferences will be at 11 am Eastern on first Saturdays thereafter. Topics are open, but will take off from a Compression theme. We will have other teleconferences as interest (and value to you) builds. We will e-mail you on how to access each teleconference a day in advance. If you aren’t already, you will also be on our newsletter list. 

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