Global Learning Circle

We invite you to participate in a Global Learning Circle.

Coffee With Doc: Global Learning Circle

The objective of a learning circle is to learn how to think freely and collectively. When it counts, escape the tyrannies of misapplied doctrine (methodologies, models, ideologies, and hoary myths). Participants should learn how to learn from each other and learn to form their own local learning circles.

Learning circles are a gateway to vigorous learning organizations. “Vigorous” means learning from facts and experience.

We will host a series of 1-hour webinar-teleconferences beginning at 3 pm Eastern Time on Thursday, September 15, and continuing the first and third Thursdays of every month thereafter; 14 sessions in all. The timing should allow people in Europe and the Pacific Rim to participate. We would like 6-10 participants. The first 10 to sign up are in. If more than 10 people sign up, we will form a second Global Learning Circle at the same time, but on a different day. And the series is free.

Each session will begin with a brief check-in and overview of prep material sent by e-mail earlier. Most of each session will be interactive, practicing dialog rules – a better way to hold a meeting. E-mailed prep will cover one or two topics. The first topic will be on some aspect of Vigorous Learning Organization. The second will be background on an environmental or organizational issue that is the trigger for discussion by dialog rules.

To sign up, click here.

The schedule is a guide, a plan, but since the series is a learning project for everyone, including the Compression Institute, we will deviate if it enhances everyone’s learning. We should dial in on topics that will best advance our collective capacities.

Schedule Plan