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From the beginning of the Compression Institute, we’ve been aware that its mission is a huge shift in thinking from business-as-usual. This is no small endeavor. We’ve been pretty quiet because becoming consultants helping people do something new seldom penetrates the business mindset of buying skills training. That rarely touches the core problem of easing business leaders toward new values.

Doing that is outside the usual commercial domain. Migration of values may meet less resistance if business leaders do not realize that they are migrating. Or they are in deep do-do. In any case values change on a massive scale is not imminent.

The major challenge is navigating a transactional market economy in which success is profitability, or at least survival by taking in as much money as is spent. Obsession with that view of success crowds other considerations into secondary positions.

Others are doing great things to turn around environmental degradation. So how can the Compression Institute accelerate change? By addressing the big challenge of helping companies and communities work through non-expansionary concepts of business and success. We have ideas, of course, but every company and every community has to resolve their issues themselves – no magic formulas. This is an extraordinary challenge.

So what’s the plan? Come out with a video, some webinars, and some live events early in 2015. The objective is to draw people into learning groups determining how to shape their own destinies. We call it developing Vigorous Leaning using Compression Thinking. Stay tuned.

All the webinars can be seen at: www.compression.org/events/


1. How Lean Can Reach Its Potential 

Doc Hall, Jack Ward, and Monique Dumais: Jan. 22, 2015, 1 pm Eastern Time

This will begin by asking Doc some basic questions about lean. Doc’s 37 years of experience with lean has made him a proponent of lean, but critical of its limited scope. Doc and Jack propose to merge the concepts of lean with many others to create more resilient business models. Lean should become a business revolution. Click to read more.


2. 21st Century Lean Business Transformation: Compression Thinking

Doc Hall and Jack Ward, February 11, 2015, 1 pm Eastern Time

How can a company transform beyond merely being competitive to making a difference in the resource-squeezed world of the 21st century? What new business models might let us live better using less, much less? We review principles of Compression Thinking as guides to you discovering how to transform on order to have a business that improves quality of life for all stakeholders while using much less… Click Here to Read More.


3. Getting Started: Vigorous Learning Organizations

Doc Hall, Jack Ward, and Dave Veech: March 4, 2015, 1 pm Eastern Time

To put Compression Thinking into practice, how do you lead an organization toward a business revolution, learning more quickly, broadly, and deeply? As with lean, start with simple steps and build toward a resilient culture. After an overview, we will concentrate on two probable beginning steps: Rules for meetings, and rules for dialog… To Read More.

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