Organization’s Voyage of Discovery

Organization’s Voyage

In order for society to collectively, and drastically, reduce resource use, organizations will need to learn how to do better with less.  The Compression Institute has several ways to help organizations transform their business model and become what we refer to as a Vigorous Learning Organization.

Learning Groups

Action learning groups focus on applying Compression Thinking principles and techniques within as organization.  Groups of organization leaders, community members, or groups within organizations will share experiences and best practices on their voyage to becoming a Vigorous Learning Organization.  Learn more on the action learning group page.


The Compression Institute will offer workshops on Compression Thinking and Vigorous Learning.  These will help the organization build core competencies to address the challenges society faces.  In the process of developing both discipline and flexibility, organizations will position themselves favorably within their markets, quickly adapting to continuously changing external factors.  Learn more on the workshops page.

Self-Guided Learning

The Compression Institute will continually update its library of learning materials and make them available to organizations participating in learning groups and workshops.  Visit the learning materials page for more information.