Individual’s Voyage of Discovery

Individual’s Voyage

In order for organizations drastically reduce resource use, individuals will need to learn how to see the world from a new perspective.  The Compression Institute helps individuals reflect on the origin of their current attitudes and perspectives in several ways.

Learning Groups

The method we feel is the most effective is participating in a learning group, where you can share your thoughts and experiences in a peer-to-peer environment.  More information can be found on the learning groups page.


To gain an overview of a particular topic or dig deeper into a topic, the Compression Institute will be offering workshops.  More information can be found on the workshops page.

Self-Guided Learning

Learning on your own time and at your own pace is also an important aspect of transforming your attitudes and perspectives.  The topic pages on this site, along with the learning materials page, will guide you through compression topics, providing you with overviews and in-depth information on Compression Thinking and Vigorous Learning.