In these early stage of the Compression Institute, advisors are playing a critical role in translating Compression Thinking into organizational action.  We thank them all for their help and support.

John Bicheno, Lean Enterprise Research Institute, Cardiff University, Wales, U.K.

Paul Davis, Scanlon Steward and Advocate

Tom Ehrenfeld, Writer and Editor at Startup Garden

Christian Obbekaer Hansen, Effektivitet Network, Copenhagen, Denmark

Jim Huntzinger, President at Lean Accounting Summit/TWI Summit/Lean Logistics Summit

Mark Ippolito, Senior Lecturer in Operations Management, Kelley School of Business

JohnPaul Kusz, President – JP Kusz, Ltd.

Brian McKibben, VP Management Consulting at The Cumberland Group – Chicago

John Shook, Chairman and CEO, Lean Enterprise Institute

Susan Skjei, Sane Systems LLC

Robert Thompson, Assistant Director, Paradigm Network of Central Indiana

John Wallner, Senior Manager, Industrial at Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

Ian Young, Principal, I2e, Melbourne, Australia